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'Host' Stars Max Irons & Jake Abel Talk Kissing in the Rain!

Tyler: If you could be in any human’s body for a day who would it be?

Max: I think Jay Z because he’s cool and he gets to live a cool life.

Jake: …to which I follow-up with Blue Ivy and we’re one big happy family.

Tyler: I would be Oprah and can come over and babysit.

GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

Who is the Queen of Pop? At first, we’d venture to say Beyonce. Because she manages to be a totally fierce pop star while chilling, low-key, with (future princess?) Blue Ivy.

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Squee-worthy Celebrity Couple PDA Moments — As Told in GIFs

3. Especially when Queen B announced her pregnancy…

…and Jay Z was the happiest man on earth.