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It’s the Divergent Movie News You’ve Been Dying to Hear!

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Theo James is perfection. That is all.



What do you think: YAY or NAY to Shailene Woodley’s sheer jumpsuit at the NYC Divergent screening? Click here to see it and vote!


Do you think Shailene Woodley has a better career than Jennifer Lawrence?

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10 Hot Actors Who Were Considered to Play Tobias “Four” Eaton in Divergent

TOTALLY stand by their choice with Theo James, though.


A list of all the ways that Divergent is a total rip-off of The Hunger Games and Harry Potter!

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Uh oh, these are fighting words…

Prepare for Divergent's Dauntless Initiation Training — in Real Life!

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12 of Hollywood’s Best Male Kissers Revealed

Why, hello there, Theo James ;)

Ellie Goulding’s Divergent track will leave you with all sorts of feels.

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