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Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone have been hanging out together a lot. Click here to read what they did for Austin’s birthday.

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You all NEED to watch this Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez video.

Click here to see Jelena 20.0 in action!

You’ll never guess what Justin Bieber just called Selena Gomez.

Click here to see his kind(?) words!

Hundreds Attend Justin Bieber Protest in Atlanta

Click here to find out how he’s fighting back!

Liam Payne & Louis Tomlinson mock Justin Bieber’s silly Instagram handle.

Click to see the 1D guys’ comments!

Justin Bieber fans laugh at Drake Bell’s expense.

Click here to see the (sad) reason why…

Beliebers are responsible for getting a Justin Bieber artifact removed from a museum in NYC.

Click here to find out why!

Psst, it involves fondling.

Justin Bieber pulls a P.Diddy, changes his name to…

Click here to find out! HINT: It’ll remind you of Snoop Dogg.